Friday, October 9, 2009

You might call it a gift

They might want to start calling it a Nobel Peace gift. That would more properly define what the Prize for this year was. To call it an award, or even prize, brings up thoughts of earning said prize.

Now I don't want to be overly negative about President Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. Good for him! Heck if they gave it to me I would take it, especially the $1.4 million, happily. I hope he uses both the prize and the money wisely. I can't think of a better PR move for him than to donate that money to his healthcare cause.

Anyway, I still couldn't help but be shocked by this award. In my opinion Obama has not done enough in his presidency to earn this prize.

I will liken it to going to college. Obama receiving this award is very similar to someone just starting college. The person gives this speech before his first day of classes, "I will study hard and get A's in all of my classes. Not only that but I will make our college great! I will be the best student yet, because I am not like those old students. I will work hard and study hard! Trust me."

Because of this rousing speech, the college decides that this student should just get his diploma right away. Even though he hasn't done much studying or hard work yet, the college is sure he will get there. So why wait for him to complete his classes and studies before awarding him? Why not just give the student the diploma up front?

Not all things need to be wait and see, but I believe you should prove you've spread and achieved peace somewhere before earning the Nobel Peace Prize. And from the looks of Congress these days, there isn't going to be any peace there anytime soon.

Heck, Arizona State is holding out on giving Obama a honarary degree until he "earns it".

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