Tuesday, October 20, 2009

MY side of the story

Some people are so damn insensitive. You know what? I didn't even ask Bill if he wanted to write in the blog. He asked ME to write on MY blog. Of course, in order to avoid a potentially awkward situation by saying no, I had to agree. I have known Bill for nearly 14 years, and I knew, I just knew that it would turn out this way if he ever started writing on ACNS. He undermined my authority, and acted like it was some sort of joke. He's always acting like it's some sort of freaking joke. I'm about to pull out my hair I'm so frustrated.

You really think that apology was sincere? I have a hard time believing anything that comes out of his mouth lately. He's been intentionally screwing with me for the past week, and I've had enough.

Bill, I have HAD IT! I'm tired of waking up to you making decaf coffee in the mornings, not pulling your weight around the house, and especially for hiding my Nebraska hat - that's just plain mean dude...I expect a real apology this time. And this time, lets hear the real story about what's been going on, instead of some concocted, convoluted story portraying me as a "Blog Czar" or some sort of crazy tyrant. I've been nothing but generous to your sorry little @$$.

You better recognize quick.

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