Tuesday, October 20, 2009

From the Bottom of My Heart

Ok, so APPARENTLY an apology is in order. It appears that a guy can't really write what he feels on a blog about how some guys feel. Or maybe it's just that my feelings don't matter and Lucas' feelings do.

ANYWAY, Mr. Blogczar McSensitivepants seems to think I somehow outright attacked him on ACNS today writing about open letters and he had just wrote an open letter and he's all like "boo-hoo" and "people won't understand because you're cool and I'm not". (Verbatim. Cross my heart.) I don't know at all what gave him the idea that I was going after him. As I CLEARLY said here, I respect people who do what he did.

But what I hear is that ACNS is supposed to present a "United Front" because "Unity Means Productivity" and "We're All In This Thing Together" so therefore "We Can't Have Any Backstabbing From Disgruntled Minions Because The Readers Will Think We're Too Morally Bankrupt To Read" and "I Can't Find My Nebraska Hat, Thief".

Is this all true? Debatable, but perhaps my digression is in order at this time, since I don't own this blog. I have to admit that Lucas did win it in a poker game with a Columbian Special Forces Op. who had a cat named Steve, so maybe I should give him an apology.


I should be clear to all ACNS readers. Lucas' and my relationship is actually GREAT at this time. Never better. I'm going clean every inch of this frickin' house right now.

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