Monday, October 26, 2009

The Challenge

I made a bet this weekend, and probably one that I will lose. This weekend, I spent some time with a man highly regarded by those of us here at ACNS Enterprises, LTD, and slightly less importantly, the entire world. I'm always searching for ways to improve the "ACNS Experience" (as I like to call it), as well as increase the amount of readers who want to hear what all of our authors have to say.

The aforementioned bet is less of a bet and more of a challenge, in which my personal part is minimal, since I was the "challenger" instead of the "challengee". The aforementioned man is none other than Mr. John Mikel, who happens to be none other than "Buck's Coolest Person of October". The challenge is that if John were to start writing for the blog, his primary job would be to double our readership in a month.

Now since we don't have ads on the blog, the overall traffic numbers don't really matter to us/me at all. It's really an excuse to add another writer to the blog. I expect to read pee-your-pants-at-work quality copy from a distinguished and well-educated man. The snot-bubbles-blowing-out-your-nose-because-you're-laughing-extremely hard-while-you-have-a-cold posts are coming. Prepare yourself for something slightly less than what you expect from me on a daily basis and let's welcome this handsome sonufagun to the blog. We'll see what sort of traffic-attracting powers he can bring to the table...

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