Friday, October 16, 2009

Buck's Coolest Person of October Award

Quiet. Collected. Cool. At first glance he might appear to be just another average guy, or even just another average seemingly old man. However, diving deeper into the mystery, there is more than meets the eye with this run of the mill, twenty seven year old, high school IT director. What happens when you find someone who has a knowledge base that rivals Wikipedia, a music gear collection that rivals your local Guitar Center, a sense of humor that is dryer than the Sahara Desert and more shocking than a midget on a segway, a style that should be sponsored by H&M and Brooks Brothers, a taste for liquor that rivals a room full of seasoned politicians and CEO's, and a sweet beard that makes you want to give up on all of your futile efforts to ever be awesome? The answer is simple. You raise your glass and offer a toast to Buck's Coolest Person of October. He's a man for all seasons. He's a man for all Mikel's. He's John Mikel, and we here at ACNS are proud to know a guy who can rock a harry back like a pimp'n fur coat on a hot summer's day. John Mikel, you are cooler than a 64 ounce 7-11 cherry coke slurpee, and we freakn' salute you.


  1. You are a liar. Not 48 hours ago you told me that the award was mine to lose. I will never trust you again Buck. Never again.

  2. November is just around the corner. Time to put it into high gear and start being awesome. It's a dog eat dog world and competition will be something fierce.

  3. Damn. I guess this means I actually have to get you a wedding present now? FAIL.