Friday, October 16, 2009

A little song just for you

So I hop of the bus yesterday as I usually do, preparing myself to cross a few lanes of traffic in order to safely get back to my house. I usually take this time to check out the cars, see if there are any really cool ones, as well as to see a small glimpse of others driving habits.

Well yesterday I saw in all of its glory what can be so eloquently termed, "The Distracted Driver". Being in good mood, as I generally am, it came upon me to sing a song about this particular situation. Normally only my wife gets to hear my beautiful voice sing out songs of joy that I have made up on the spot, but today dear folks you get to share in this fun.

The title of the song will be "Pedestrian Rage". I think the tune should be a country tune, just because that happens to be my genre of choice. If you want to adapt it to rap, emo-punk, or classical ... be my guest.

It goes like this here:

There you are, cell phone in your right hand
Don't know how you do it but I'm sure you have a plan
Just popped a cigarette right in your mouth
You have to light it up, but I don't know how
Oh I see your in your left hand there's a BIC
And as always I'm amazed by that trick
You wanna turn left, it could help with a signal
But you are too busy to deal with that
Now you're reaching for something else in your car
And you're slowly rolling into the middle of the road

(banjoes take off) Beom bom bom bom bom bom booom booomm booom beeeem beem beem

Who needs two hands on the wheel?
We drive to be free and that's how you feel
Who cares if you tick everyone off?
Drive where you want because you think you're the boss

(hold the words out long and slow)
And now I'm driving and smoking
and talking and dialing
and swerving and flipping (the bird)
because I do what I want when I'm out in my car!!!!

Okay so I don't think it will ever go platinum. But I think it sounds pretty nice. Meanwhile, I'll just stand here and wait for the sign to tell me when its safe to walk.

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  1. I need a songwriter because I can't write lyrics. Send me your lyrics and I'll put them to banjos. I won't actually write any music, I'll literally tape your lyrics to banjos.