Tuesday, October 20, 2009

An “Open Letter” to Lucas

Dear Blog Czar,

I quickly recognized alright. Quickly recognized “Senor Thin-Skin” is too angry about his Nebraska hat to see straight.

I see what this really about: you’re angry about the coffee, is that it? Well maybe if you were a little nicer to me in the morning things like that wouldn't happen. Yeah, it's time to grow up, Dude. People make mistakes, alright? If I’m a little too irked by the way you constantly conform yourself to web norms by doing things like writing open letters, and I take it out on-line, is that really your business? Who cares if it’s “your” website? It's not all about you, ok? That's the "real" story. Chill, man, seriously. Pull out your hair (good luck with that, btw. Got some tweezers, Cue-ball?) about people misusing Steve's name instead.

And I am NOT insensitive.

1 comment:

  1. My turn: Now, now, now,
    William, be nice.
    Love, mom