Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Yeah, You're Probably Right

Ok, I got a good night sleep and did some thinking. I'll admit I've been a little harsh lately. Friends have even told me so.

I think you're right: the problem is that we haven't been talking. Remember all those long discussions we used to have over cocoa on those cold winter nights? Steve purring at your feet and Lifetime on in the background? I miss those days. Maybe they'll come back now that winter is on it's way.

It's been so frigid in the house lately. We walk past each other like the other isn't even there. When we do talk it's only to scream accusations. We've become overly dependant on our other friends and Mincher's getting annoyed. I try to be insensitive just to take the edge off the loneliness. I put on the de-caf coffee just so you'd notice me again. I admit it was a cry for attention. I need my friend back.

On a side note, if anyone, ANYONE, out there has Lucas' Nebraska hat, please give it back to him! I'm beginning to fear for my life! I slept with the light on last night just so he wouldn't come in with a knife!


  1. I will look more around here. We have so many hats - it could be buried in the basement or in his little brothers' closet.

  2. By the way - what color is the Nebraska hat?

  3. It's not at your house. It's in mine somewhere, or at some dude's farm in Indiana...