Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Power User

So I was roaming around the local library the other day when I saw a sign saying you could check-out up to 50 items at one time. 50 items! Think about that. That's what I call a power user.

Power User!

I want to know who as one person can consume that amount of information so quickly? That is some serious speed-reading/watching. Who is reading that amount of books in one month? Maybe they are just going crazy on some certain genre. No wonder I can't get that latest Godzilla movie/book, they snatched them all up for a Godzilla brain-melting marathon!

But hey, in this economy I do have to give them props for using the "free" resources like the library at their disposal. Think about the budget one would have to buy 50 books each month. Crazy!

Now I feel challenged. Watch out library, there might just be a one-man run this week on every DVD of Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. All 6 seasons and the 2 movies! I'm just saying.


  1. Justin, I used to regularly get over 90 books out at one time from the library. I taught 4 kids with no history or science textbooks. We read every one. Just ask Lucas.

  2. When I had to compile a list of children's books for class I'm pretty sure I met the max. on several trips. And I had to read and review ALL of them!

  3. Well that makes sense.

    But think about this Mother Hen:

    4 kids + 1 adult = 5 library cards
    5 x 50 items per card = 250 items

    Now that is power using!

  4. Oh the days of Dr. Quinn...