Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Marbled Skinny Jeans

There really isn't anything like a good pair of marbled skinny jeans. The Emos took away skinny jeans as a whole, but in a stunning display of goodwill they allowed me to retain the rights to the marbled ones, which were the only ones I wanted anyway. Suckers.

I dug them out from a bag of old clothes that Bill was going to give to St. Vincent DePaul. I think he took them a couple years ago and wore them around the house when I wasn't home because he was jealous of them. Either way, I've got them back now, and I'll be waddling in style tonight. Since I don't have any pics of me in them, here's one example of the many different style combinations these pants can really drive home.

I can't wait to hear all the compliments I'll get on them. I went out and bought Steve a matching pair today too, so not only are we best friends, we match too!


  1. so this co-worker on casual friday not only had on marbled skinny jeans, but they were green! hahahaha

  2. I wouldn't even consider that dressing down on a casual Friday! If they're dyed a different color, that qualifies them as dress slacks, and therefore eligible to be worn at weddings, finerals, and bar-mitzvahs...

  3. I know the jeans are supposed to be cool, but I really what to get my hands on that sweater. Total Cosby.