Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dollar Menu

In my effort to be more responsible with my time and money, I’ve come to the conclusion that one thing is taking up more time and wasting more money than any other. Food. I buy it, eat it, buy it again, eat it again, buy it again…the cycle never seems to end. This was never a problem when I was at my folks’ house, or in the college cafeteria, or mooching off friends and people walking to work.

But I live by myself now, or, more accurately, I live with Lucas and his cat now. Lucas and I split food costs (a delicate system of bartering vaguely rigid IOU’s covering a variety of expenditures), but he won’t pay for everything, particularly tuna and frozen lima beans. At least he’ll let me contribute to his blog, which his devil-colored cat wouldn’t let me do. Steve would also not split food costs.

But I’ve come to see this “food” thing as one if not the greatest inconvenience in my life. There’s so much time I waste eating, or thinking about eating. I have to put so much thought into how to stretch my dollars so I can buy food. It's a money drain. What really fries my chicken is the “food industry”, which has a monopoly on the “food market”. Every time I buy more food I’m just eaten by the idea that I’m putting more dough into the pockets of “The Man”. I’m also ticked at how food clichés are working into my everyday vocabulary. So I made the resolution to quit food. But like foreign oil, it’s apparently something we need.

How, then, does one balance nutrition, economy, taste and craving? I’ll tell you how: Potpies. I ate two tonight. I feel Great!

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  1. Will, you are welcome anytime to come over for lunch, dinner or just to raid the fridge.

    Mother Hen

  2. You need some slogans, man.

    Blood for Potpies.

    Bush lied, cows died.

    Friends don't let friends eat Big Food.

  3. Bill-- You made a counter-parody-blog (An Owner Named Lucas)?! You guys seriously crack me up. I mean, life's already pretty much amazing and fun, but I must admit that when I check-in monthly on the ol' ACNS blog, the back-and-forth antics always get a snicker!