Thursday, September 10, 2009

Greetings from Buck

It's an honor to be posting on a blog as prestigious and well renowned as A Cat Named Steve. If all goes well I hope to quit my job here in Northern Virginia shortly and dedicate a full-time 6 hour work week to writing for ACNS. Rather than erupting into a spectacular autobiographical monologue, I think we shall get straight down to business and get to know one another. That being said, here are ten facts about myself that I would like to share. Consider these the first blocks in the foundation upon you and I will build.

1. I was roommates with Lucas long before Steve or Bill
2. I wore a tux to the wedding of my first girlfriend, but I was not the groom.
3. When I was 8 years old I found dinosaur bones while hiking. Some people claim they were cow bones. Some people are liars.
4. My first memory of Dr Pepper was at the age of 4 at a ski resort.
5. I do not intend to have a last memory of Dr Pepper because I believe Heaven has free refills
6. There will be a Mrs. Buck in 44 days.
7. All great secret agents have the initials JB (James Bond, Jason Bourne, etc). I would call myself Jimbo Buckerson if I was a secret agent.
8. I played soccer on a team for one hour before quitting. I didn't like soccer.
9. When I was 11 my mom made me wear plaid shorts to school picture day and everyone made fun of me. I faked sick to go home and play Sega Genesis.
10. One time Lucas and I switched pants at a party. It was funny because we weren't wearing our own pants. I like the word pants.

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