Thursday, July 23, 2009


A couple months ago, I would have told you that I would never buy a Windows based computer. Admittedly, I was/am an Apple fanboy, and I truly appreciate the ingenuity, user interface, and just-work-ness of Mac OSX compared with any Windows platform. Especially that dang Windows 3.1.

I'm blogging right now from an MSI Wind netbook that one of my housemates is letting me borrow for a little bit to test out. I'm here to tell you that I'm pretty much sold on getting one in the near future. At first, I thought that it would be too small to get any real computing done, especially with my large fingers bumbling around a compact keyboard. I'm pleasantly surprised to be completely wrong.

As anybody who has read some of my previous posts knows, I can go on forever about one subject, so I won't give a whole review of this computer, but rather just a glowing endorsement. After all, I am a gadget freak. This passes the gadget test with flying colors.

You keep it real blogosphere!

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