Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's Vet Time!

There's not many things that compare to this time of year. Steve had his first birthday in June, which I feel bad for mentioning now, because I completely missed the coverage of the birthday bash/shindig/box social that I threw for him in celebration of our lives merging in an accidental collision course of blissful companionship.

Although everyone I know absolutely loves Steve, they failed to show it by not sending a card, or calling, or dropping by to say hi - except one person...or company rather. He did recieve a birthday card from the vet letting me know that it was time for them to give him a checkup and update his shots and check out stool samples and all of those other completely relaxing activities that cats do for their birthdays.

If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited to be getting Steve out of the house/yard area and out into the world for once. I know he loves car rides (LIE) and he especially loves it when the vet puts him on the scale to weigh him and then holds him down to stick him in the side with a needle. To top it all off, he'll get a nice violent nail trimming.

We'll see what happens, but I bet that Steve won't be cuddling with me tonight!


  1. So if I want to come visit Steve without AS much of chance of him clawing all bare skin or even possibly scratching through clothing, now would be opportune? I mean, minus his angry temperment, since he's been stuffed into an uncomfortable plastic cage, jabbed with needles, and probably scared by his strange surroundings...

  2. We all know how I feel about Steve.