Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Memo

Apparently I missed the memo. All week, I've been putting the new cover pages on the TPS reports and dealing quite well with the PC load letters and making sure that I cleaned up my own mess in the break room. You might say that this week I've been "above the line" or that I've "refused to lose". It's been a satisfying week, even uplifting with the prospect of a 3 day weekend and a holiday filled with cookouts, cornhole, beer & things blowing up. Not only are those 4 things some of my favorite in the entire world, but being able to experience them in conjunction with one another and simultaneously is downright thrilling.

The reality of the matter, however, is that I did not realize that Thursday was in fact, the New Friday. As a result, today defaulted to the usual "Casual Friday". This morning, I went through my usual routine - Feed Steve in my underwear, make coffee, shower, get dressed, distract Steve from the front door so I can get out and shut him in, drive to work...etc.

It was only after I arrived to work and was gracefully released from the clutches of a 2 hour morning meeting that I realized the gravity of my oversight only hours before. I was the only person in the office decked out in my usual (but extremely classy - Dress For Success!) working attire, while everyone else had taken both the initiative and liberty to wear their most comfortable pairs of jeans and trusty 3 year-old shoes accented by faded t-shirts with stretched collars.

Despite my oversight in the chosen wardrobe for the day, I've realized a few things - 1)people will still talk to me, even though I look better than they do, which must mean I have a fantastic magnetic personality, & 2)The fact that I forgot to wear jeans proves the fact that I am human, despite what most of the populous believes.

Well, I'm off to convince my boss that since I'm such a fantastic dresser, he should let me off early for the holiday. After that, I'll be preparing my gullet for the influx of hot dogs & beer, and my ears for the sound of holes being blown in my parents backyard - illegally, of course. You keep it real America!

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  1. Is it possible to get Galindo, Nix and The Bish in a three way cage match? I've got 2 on The Bish.