Friday, August 21, 2009

Yet ANOTHER New Contributor!

After much internal debate between Brian and myself, we have decided to expand our team of bloggers to a whopping 3! Although the economy is still in the dumps, and our profit margins here at ACNS are already low, Brian and I offered to cut our own salaries in order to bring Justin Egan in as a member of the team. This blog isn't about the money, it was never about the money. It's about real people talking about real things, for your reading pleasure.

Justin is a great guy with some fantastic insights. I'm giving both him and Brian free reign on whatever they would like to post about, be it sports, weather, news, community involvement...etc. Anyway, we're pleased as hell to have Justin with us, and I hope you give him a chance!

On another note, we'd love to hear some more feedback on what you read. We want to know what you're thinking about what we think. Comment away & tell your friends!


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