Monday, August 31, 2009

Ghost Town

Sorry it's been so quiet around here - Steve, Bill, & I have been busy moving into a new house. We enlisted the help of 6 of our closest friends to move our stuff around while we watched. It had high points, like tossing footballs & frisbees & playing basketball in the park across from my new house, drinking beer & eating pizza at 11 am, and the excitement of a new living arrangement.

Despite the fun we had, there were a few logistical glitches involved. First of all, the house was in the process of being repainted, so we had to navigate through the sea of dropcloths and paint buckets in order to get the couches in the house - through the window, of course. The rest of the stuff had to be put in the basement until the painters were finished (which didn't happen until yesterday).

Anyway, we're mostly settled in now, but we still don't have the interwebs at the house yet, which means I'm forced to post frazzled & hurried posts in between making sure everything gets done at work. We'll have the 'net up and running soon at the house, but until then, Brian and Justin will have to hold down the fort. You keep it real!

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