Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving! (This time for realsies)

My close friends and family can attest to the fact that I am a flip-flopper. I get these wonderful ideas in my head and then tell everybody I know about my plans, only to come back a few weeks later confusing those who don't know the way I operate. For example, I was all set to go to Arizona for recording school earlier this year. I had such perfect plans, but they were quickly annihilated by my more-high-maintenance-than-a-teenage-girl car and the various physical ailments & injuries that kicked in to thankfully save me from making what would most likely be a terrible investment in my financial & emotional health and future.

Bill and I are moving, except this time it's different. We have agreed to move to a vacant house owned by my dad's side of the family, most recently occupied by my uncle, who has moved into an assisted-living home. While the actual living space in this new home is not much more than my current apartment, it will be nice to have a house with that extra space & some outside room for Steve to run & explore without the fear of him getting shot by the drug dealers down the street or hit with a broom by the Greek lady a couple doors down.

While we haven't finalized the date when we'll be out of our current apartment, I can safely say it will be in the next month or so that Bill, Steve & I will be shackin' up in our new digs. If you would like to volunteer to move all of my stuff while I "supervise & delegate", I will pay you with compliments for a solid 5 minutes. Additionally, for all you out of town readers, I'll up that to 7 minutes. Where else can you go to feel so good about yourself?

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