Friday, August 21, 2009

He says

Thank you for the introduction Lucas. Beautifully worded. I am honored by your willingness to sacrifice monetary gain to include me in your blog.

Here we go ...

I enjoy commercials just as much as the next guy. Actually I usually watch commercials and don't change the channel the instant they come on, so I probably like commercials more than the next guy. But everytime I see this particular commerical,

I just sit and think to myself ... self "they have got to be kidding me".

In case you haven't seen the commercial, and still don't feel like watching it on YouTube the basic premise is that you as a woman have no need to have a period every month. If you don't want to, they say, you don't have to.

Several times in the commercial they ask, "Who says?" in reference to whom is "forcing" them to have 12 periods a year. Hold on ... thinking, thinking, thinking ... oh that's right God says. I'm pretty sure that God didn't just sit down one day in Paradise with his pair-a-dice (that was good) and say, I'm going roll these dice and whatever comes up that's the number of periods women will have.
-- On a side note, God would be quite the competitor in Yahtzee I'd imagine. --
I would like to think God had a pretty good reason for giving women the number of periods they have, say ... to give us a good chance of procreating. Maybe.

I will give them the fact that, yes, scientifically they can in fact reduce the number of periods you will have. But just in case you were wondering messing with God's plan doesn't always work out well for the best, as you will find out listening to the end of the video (heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, etc.).

So next time you are riding the sofa and get that urge to surf, stop and watch the commercials so you can become enlightened by 30-second bits of worldly matters. Really, "Who says" all commercials are bad ...

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  1. Yes, I think your blogging craft on ACNS shows potential, Justin...

    Seriously though, this is good stuff, man. Welcome to the blogosphere!