Monday, June 22, 2009

Bloggin' About Bill, Steve...Hair Plugs

I'm thinking about starting a sister-blog to this one entitled "A Roommate Named Bill". The entire subject matter would be to chronicle daily the efforts of a roommate, his high points and not-so-high ones. Just think, you could have the opportunity to read about biking, washing dishes, Jon & Kate Plus 8, Regina Spektor and the occasional amazingly weird food choices that share my living space and share a large chunk of my friendships.

I was also thinking about creating a blog where I would only write about Bill and Steve and their interactions between each other. It would be epic to hear the stories of the belly rubs that Steve gives Bill when Bill lays down on the living room floor and stretches...Wait, I think that's backwards.

Either way, since this blog is mainly reserved for Steve-related stories and my own personal reflections, I was considering starting one or both of these other blogs to further appease the appreciative niche in my readership, and really pursue all of them with a sort of direct marketing strategy to satisfy their individual tastes and preferences in recreational blog reading.

Let me know what you think about this idea. Maybe I'm overlooking an even greater idea that could make me wealthy beyond all recognition for my ingenuity and mind-blowing insightfulness.

On a completely separate note, my sister suggested this weekend that I look into hair plugs because my hair is getting a little thin on top. I think she's got a really good point and I'm going to have to look into that for realsies. NOT! I'll let you be the judge of my hair situation.


  1. Did you say "realsies?"

  2. You have no money for that you vain person.