Friday, May 8, 2009

Good ol' Lunch Beer

Ahhhhh. I love Fridays. There's just something about the ability to work in jeans and not worry about being clean shaven that energizes me. I don't think it makes me any more productive, although those days can be some of the busiest days for those who call the medical equipment industry their home. 

Fridays are a laid-back day of nonchalance and tying up loose ends. Nobody expects that I will start working on a giant deal on a Friday, because many people end up leaving work early anyway - hospitals are focused on getting everything in order for the weekend, like discharging patients and putting other patients in "maintenance mode". As a bonus at my workplace, most of the bosses are out of the office either "working from home" or on the golf course. 

All of this leads to Friday Lunch Hour, which in reality is more like an hour and a half or 2 hours. It's a time to go out to eat with all of my coworkers I actually like and take in a more expensive lunch than I normally would. This lunch almost inevitably includes beer. There is something wonderful and exciting about drinking in the middle of a work day that gets me psyched. 
Today is a prime example of what I am talking about. Nearly every single one of my bosses is out of the office, thereby putting me in charge of about 15 people. By default, that also gives me the power to fully take advantage of the Friday Lunch Hour. This Friday Lunch Hour consisted of a Buffalo Chicken Sangwich with a side of a few tall cool Budweisers, followed by sports conversations with coworkers. The only issue with that, is that I hadn't eaten anything all day. This, in turn makes going back to work in the afternoon SO much harder. Although it's harder, it makes my job more challenging - like a game. You could title it "Hide The Beer Breath", or "Get Somebody to Notice Your Beer Breath", or even "Spend a Bunch of Company Money Under The Influence of Alcohol".

Sometimes you just gotta find something to keep you busy on a lazy Friday afternoon. Maybe I should come in with a beard one day and shave in the bathroom on lunch...See if anyone notices the beer on my breath.

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