Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Extremely thoughtful and witty insights into...stuff, things, and...Iceland

I overslept for about an hour and a half today. I'm usually good for about one of those a year on a work day. I think my subconscious is making a power play for full control of my brain. 

Oprah is giving out free lunches to everybody from KFC: I think I will pass on the premise that if I present that coupon to somebody at KFC they'll think I watch Oprah. That is unacceptable. 

My car's power windows & locks just stopped working the other day. I like to think of myself as someone who can fix minor car problems myself, but I'm lost on this one. Sometimes I feel like the US government - Spending money on anything I can in any way possible, just for the hell of it. 

I'm an uncle again! Not biologically, but my Bro Mike & his wife Frances just had a little baby girl today. No man will ever lay eyes on her until she's 35, unless of course it's Brian & Debbie's future son, who will be a gentleman in all possible ways. I can picture him now with his hair perfectly combed, never making eye contact with adults, speaking & writing with perfect grammar, knowing 6 different languages and playing professional-level classical violin all by the time he's 6 years old. He can marry Mike & Frances' daughter if he can also prove his strength by bench pressing a fully grown live Clydesdale 15 times in a minute.

Will is pissed at me that I took the peanut butter from the house to fulfill my lunch needs. He needs to seriously get over it. I bought a 12 pack of Coke & a 24 pack of hot dogs for the 2 of us the other day. We should be even. Hot dogs heal the worst of wounds.

It really bugs me that Cincinnati doesn't have a local morning sports talk show anymore. I now am forced to listen to crappy radio music or lame news shows that either piss me off about the state of our country and the economic woes we are currently facing, or people that are waaaay too happy and don't make my morning drive any better. Sports is the only thing I can be pissed about in the morning and be ok with it. Maybe it's due to the ongoing futility of every team I follow. 

Iceland. Yeah.


  1. 740 AM in the morning, that's where it's at.

  2. That's what I've been listening to...